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Abstract Road traffic accidents are one of the major causes of death and economic loss in roads in the modern world. The main purpose of this project is to improve multi-agency response to Road Traffic Collision through joint training and exercises. The aim is to develop a project that provides a model for all road users through the involvement of all stakeholders. The trainers in the implementation of the designed measures will be given regular orders in order to remain up-dated. The project is based on consultation in order to involve everyone in the implementation of the intended measures. Introduction Serious accidents occurring on roads are an issue to most of the members of the society.

Reports of accidents are recorded every day in most parts of the world. Almost everyone has been affected in one way by the accidents. The number of motor vehicles is increasing everyday and consequently the number of accidents too. Joint training and exercise can assist in the improvement of multi-agency response to Road Traffic Collision. It is very important all the people with specific responsibility in road emergency response receive joint practical training in the use and execution of the jointly recommended national and international emergency response measures.

This will enable these people to practice their skills and to become familiar with participating in the efforts to reduce road traffic collisions in a wider scale. It is of great significance that those with responsibility in case a road traffic collision occur. It is through this that they will be able to work together to implement the appropriate response and preventive measures. This can occur through comprehensive planning and training of all the involved personnel.

Training should involve communications exercises, small-scale response exercises, full-time simulations involving the transport industry, health professionals, emergency services as well as other responsibilities in the involved areas. AIM To improve multi-agency response to Road Traffic Collision through joint training and exercisesObjectivesThe main objective of the project is to reduce the number of Road traffic collisions through the joint trainingTo identify the main reasons that cause road traffic collisions To empower road users on ways and means of preventing road accidentsTo train response teams of the possible ways of implementing plans to enhance effectivenessTo provide information on the nature and manner in which road collision accidents occurTo inform the response teams of the appropriate actions to take in case a road traffic collision occursTo identify the possible risks to road traffic collisionsBenefits The project has the prospective of delivering human, economic and environment benefits to the whole society when there is an improvement in road traffic collision through joint training and exercise.

Since traffic, accidents are the major causes of death and injury for young people.

Some of the basic benefits of the project include: Reduce the chances of getting killed or injuredReducing the chances of ending up in prisonIdentify possible measures to reduce road traffic collisionsDevice a simple technique to cater for safety need of road usersIncrease the participation of various agencies towards the prevention of road traffic collisions

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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