Project Management And Software Quality – Assignment Example

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IntroductionThis report focuses on the important aspects of software development aspects that are vital in the delivery of the software product that is acceptable. To achieve desired software product which meet all the sets of criterion, this analysis focuses on two aspects. The two software aspects include software project management and software quality assurance techniques used by the software engineers undertaking a project in software. Software project management entails the techniques that facilitate the delivery of a software projects within the confined requirements. These requirements take into account the fulfillment of the client’s requirements within the specified budget and a set out timeline.

This report notes important issues that are necessary to implement a software project management. The issues noted in this report involve techniques such as project planning, project scheduling, risk analysis and assessment and the components of the human resources required in the process of software management. Critical analysis of the above issues by the software engineers will definitely yield a successful project that meets all the required functionality and operationability of the software. This report also focuses on quality assurance and techniques that lead to quality of the software products.

It is worth noting that a software project that fails the test of quality is considered a failed project and cannot be accepted for production purposes. The major issues discussed in quality assurance revolves around the entire project development phase and it includes aspects such as project testing, sticking to a clear and standard life cycle, input and output validation, coding techniques and standards, team management and simulation of the final results of the new system with the real world situation.

Quality verification and validation are important in the software quality and must be included in the project plan since it is helpful in indentifying gaps in the software product. This report also explains the importance of good software design and how it facilitates the delivery of quality software products. Finally, the report explains the importance of code inspection in the form of brainstorming and discussions that is organized to identify defects in the software project. Software project management and qualitySoftware project management is the practice that is not only embraced in software engineering but also in all projects that involve a lot of resources, scheduling and result oriented.

In essence, all the projects must have a starting point and a specified finishing point. It must also have the participation of all the project stakeholders from executive, system analysts, software engineers to the novice users. Software engineers have designed a template plan that can be used in project management. This plan is used in the identifications of several key issues that must be adhered and addressed conclusively while conducting a project plan.

The main objectives of these key issues are geared towards realizing minimized cost, reduction of risks and timely delivery of the software product. Similarly, an efficient project management plan must address vital and mandatory components which include the people’s components, the process itself, and the project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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