Informative Coffee Break – Assignment Example

The paper "Maryanna Korwitts: Business Opportunities" is an excellent example of a business assignment. I believe George is justified to be angry with the manager. However knowing beforehand that his boss is a liar should make it easier for him to deal with the unexpected turn of events. Therefore refraining from derogatory labeling the manager and analytically handling the situation will make it easier for George to avoid being upset with the manager.
The information that George discovered from, the meeting automatically places a strained relationship between George and the managers relationship. It not only makes it hard for George to follow his manager’s directions but also makes everything he says or does seem questionable. All this will affect George’s work negatively since it will be extremely hard for him to handle his work efficiently without second-guessing the manager’s intentions. In addition, the lies will make George distrust and dislike the deceitful manager. It also lowers his commitment to his work since he was directly lied to and lastly it lowers his self-esteem at work since he initially thought he was special.
If I were George, my first reaction would have been to try understanding what could have pushed the manager to lie. It will help me be able to view the workplace from his perspective and once I know what drives his way of thinking. It becomes easier to restructure my opinions and language in ways that would appeal towards his core priorities and values as I later confronted him about the issue (Uhl-Bien & Carsten, 2007).
To gain back the trust lost between the manager and employee, Tom Weeks can openly decide to talk about the lying problem. Through admitting the problem, the lie created, analyzing the lessons learned from it and the possible future mitigations. The manager can be able to explain the reasons behind the situation and openly respond to the feedback and input generated, will help create a transparency that will mend the bonds with time.