Prevention Of Violence In American Society Homework #8 – Assignment Example

Answers The society in the current and disposition is receptive of violence, terror and brutality and bloodshed. Theamount of brutal force and sheer power is petrifying to the ordinary mind of an ordinary observer of the movie. However the fact that the movie game of thrones has been received well by the general society shows that people themselves are used to seeing some level of violence and bloodshed. It goes without saying that art or a movie is a representation of the societal reality and the things that happen within the human context. Thus, it would be safe to mention and assert that the things that are shown in the movie game of throne is a representation of how people are violent in the current society and time.
2. Violence in the show is used to depict that power and other authoritative materials or possession never come easy within the human context and realm. This is so because a person is forced to indulge in force and brutality so as to subdue the enemies and in turn have the price for him or herself. It is my respectful opinion that the violence is used to show that natural competition and struggles is a paramount phenomenon within the human society and that people are exposed to violence as a means of acquiring position or authority in a society (Amenyo, 352). Thus, the intended impact of the show would reduce greatly if the violence would have been lessened.
3. It says that the most dominant and cunning character gets the imperative and will to get ahead of the other kingdoms and dominate or control them.
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