Popular Culture Blog – Assignment Example

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The paper "Popular Culture Blog " is a wonderful example of an assignment on culture. Internet culture is the most accepted and popular culture of our day. It has invaded the lives of almost every individual. Internet can take you to all parts of the globe. It does not recognize cultural barriers and gender barriers so to speak. Individuals can now speak and be heard without fear of being misunderstood and rejected. In this culture everybody is equal. Internet has developed its own language that all internet users use.

FaceBook is one solid example of the popularity of internet; it does not have to take a day for an individual to understand why it is useful especially when it comes to connecting one to family and friends. It has applications where people can unwind and relax. It is very easy to understand and use. Distance and time no longer have an effect on updating people on what’ s new and what’ s happening to the entire world. Young and old people alike are using it. Its simplicity and efficiency are quite remarkable says Raquendan.

It has the power to influence users – in a BBC news article “ Learning what makes FaceBook tick” Maggie Shiels has stressed how the command of persuasion plays an important factor in the success of Facebook. FaceBook is just one of the many examples we can take to give stress to the popular culture of the internet. Internet in its entirety has a tremendous effect on business due to its global characteristic; it gives easy access to people and business. Since the world has now entered into this new face of communication and relating; and it is well accepted that internet has become a culture that everybody is willing to take, the best thing that an individual can do is to take control of its personal effect on him.

For every culture has its own strength as well as its weakness.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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