Definition of Physical Education – Assignment Example

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The paper " Definition of Physical Education" is a great example of an assignment on sports and recreation.   71. (C) The skill level in golf is determined by considering a golfer’ s score after several rounds. Golf is an easy game but difficult to play. The score is most of the time a result of a fluke and one cannot get birdies or bogies after several attempts, many of the times it is a result of just a fluke. So the player who scores more and with consistency without showing a coincident in scoring is liable to be having good skills for playing golf and this is what determines the skill level. 72.

(B) The skill level in swimming is determined by the strokes the swimmer takes in covering the distance. The arm movement, the strength, and the tactic to move quickly gives the swimmer an ability to swim faster, whereas it has nothing to do with being underwater as the swimming is usually done by floating over the surface and covering a specified distance. 73. (A) The skill level in the game of bowling is determined by calculating the average number of scores the student has achieved in a game.

Again there is a possibility that some coincident takes place and just in a single stroke all the pins are down. So to check the consistency, the average is taken instead of looking for how many times the student has thrown the ball. 74. (D) It is quite visible that the increase in the distance between the targets and the player would do the job. As the long-distance allows the arm to full swing and the hand to eye coordination takes place freely, whereas the increase in weights can be disturbing and can cause misbalancing and same as the increasing velocity as this would not form a parabola at all and hands also not support this sort of action due to natural finger positioning. 75.

(B) The free throws can be made easily by increasing the vertical path of the ball as this would again allow the students to have a good and free hand to eye coordination. This would also allow the hand to throw the ball freely without feeling any hindrance between the distance and the arm movement, whereas increasing the velocity cannot work as common sense, also a jump shot cannot work as one has to be stable and focused while throwing the ball. 76.

(C) In the case the arrow is bounced off touching the red area, then 7 points are awarded as this might be the result of the unsharpened arrow’ s tip or the possibility is again that the student has not thrown it accurately and intentionally. 77. (B) The shuttlecock remains inbound as a rule of the game, it does not have to do with what the player thinks as this might be a result of some wind that supported the shuttlecock to be inbound, whereas if it would have been outside the line then it would have been out of bounds. 78.

(D) In the case the mechanical pinsetter touches the pin and knocks it down then it would not be counted as it is because of some mechanical fault and the player has got nothing to do with it, it is 100% mechanical fault.

Whereas the other pins would be counted and there would no foul for them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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