Ban the Burqa Insight – Assignment Example

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The paper "Ban the Burqa Insight" is an excellent example of a research paper on sociology. Over the recent years, Advance Australia has been on a campaign that has created a heated debate on the issue of immigrants with the concern from the Muslim women and wearing of the hijab. Pressure has mounted on the controversial issues raised and the federal Member of Parliament madam Clare Reznik is concerned over the issue. Advance Australia are agitating for the banning of the Burqa hijab that covers the face. From these arguments, the report will examine the validity of the argument raised and make deductions from these statements.

Surprisingly, the research will examine evidence from a number of resources that relate to these developments in the Mainbrace Australia region that is more affected by the recommendations of the Advance Australia group and political party. The federal Member of Parliament will examine the report recommendations and argument made before getting herb advice on the issue. Scope of the Study The study is aimed at informing the Member of Parliament Madam Claire Reznik on the decision she ought to advocate for in the developing campaign in the Mainbrace region in Australia.

The study will gather information from a number of sources to examine the credibility of the argument raised by the Advance Australia political party that has been on the argument aimed at banning the Burqa hijab across the region by the Muslim women. The report is entirely researched and recommendations are drawn from an insightful lookout in the case. The issues raised are of importance since it affects the stability of the entire region affected. The issues influence the religious, political, social and cultural way of life of the Muslim women hence the need for sensitivity in the case. Background Information There exist a desire for a critical examination of the issues raised in the paper to determine the validity of the arguments raised.

Social tension is increasing in the Mainbrace region that is arising due to the campaign by the anti-immigration groups, conservative media and right-wing activists. The affected group are the Muslims from Afghanistan and Middle East regions. These women are wearing the two types of hijab, the Burqa and Niqab.

However, there is a common belief that Burqa should be banned in the region. Advance Australia looks into the process of denying Muslim women from wearing any form of religious face covering according to the cited arguments. The paper is insightful for the deep analysis of the claims given taking into account the nature of the emergency and concern in the issues raised. Methodology This thesis will use constructive and well-planned arguments to show that the current arguments and literature calling for a burqa ban is frail and trivial and explain how banning the burqa is an easy resolution to a nation’ s identity crisis.

It will examine the limited literature addressing the banning of the burqa to advance understanding of the issue and to develop the argument.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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