Psychological Testing: History, Principles, and Applications – Assignment Example

The paper "Psychological Testing: History, Principles, And Applications" is a good example of a psychology assignment.  Mary is a graduating high school and is planning to proceed to college. However, she is not sure of what degree to take. Her supportive family thinks that it would be better for her to be a veterinarian since she is an animal lover. Nevertheless, her desire to be a civil engineer like her father is making her skeptical about it.  Basing on the situation, it is better than Mary shall take up the projective personality test rather than the objective one. This is based on the reason that she has already been exposed to many advises from a different set of people. As a result, her objective answers will not be reflecting her true desire in life anymore. On the other hand, a more comprehensive analysis can be formulated if she is to answer a projective type of test since this will deeply unravel her actual trait beyond what is contained on the questionnaire. In addition, a projective type of personality test involves the institution of the core skill of a good psychologist, the ability to accurately know the real identity of the examinee by not being bounded on self-supported answers. The use of personality tests in the educational setting can be a reliable and valid basis for measuring and reflecting the overall academic inclination or performance of a student for a certain period of time. Nonetheless, the result of such personality tests should not be the sole basis in coming up with a decision. Rather, it should be used as a guiding tool to make a wise choice which is a genuine replica of one’s self in society.