Financial Management – Assignment Example

The paper "Financial Management" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. Team A’s feasibility plan seems to be very promising, but only for those people who love to cook. Unfortunately, not all people, especially those single individuals with the busy lifestyle, would even think of cooking their own food once they come home from work. Therefore, it is not wise to conclude that the product presented in their feasibility study would become very appealing to the young adults who are currently employed. In fact, not all people would even think of doing a research on recipes just so they can cook whatever ingredients they have at home. If these working people are really busy with their day-to-day schedule, then, most of them would just think about ordering food from nearby fast food restaurants. In other words, demand for “InstaMeal” may not be as high as what Team A would like to project. Another issue that can be noted in Team A’s feasibility report is the computation of the Breakeven Analysis. What the group has presented is just a list of possible expenses. The computation did not include any figures with regards their claim of being able to come up with revenue from its online advertisements. Therefore, actual computation presented on page 8 is not meant to be used as the official presentation for a breakeven analysis. To be able to present a reliable breakeven analysis, team A should be able to compete for the fixed cost and variable costs of doing the business followed by projecting or forecasting the expected revenue from advertisements (Sheeba, 2011, p. 82).