Native Americans Writers – Assignment Example

The paper "Native Americans Writers" is a perfect example of an assignment on literature. Wendy Rose came from an ethnic minority (Hopi and Mowik) in which she had no access of knowing them, this determines the premise and perspective involved in her poems. For instance, in her work entitled, “Itch like Crazy: Resistance,” in the second line mentioned Columbus.; This character implies the transformation of communities, the new era for the native American Indians. In which, she conveyed a message of forced change by intimidation in which on the third and fourth lines of the poems implies. The reason why a finger can make a deal is when it places on the rifle's trigger. Another eye-catching metaphor we can observe is on the 30th line. Asphalt could mean the economic progress that yields sunflower. Overall, the poems describe a turning point of the natives (Indian) in hands of the whites. Though we can’t deny the economic, political advantages overall, what suffers is the inherent cultural identities of the minorities in which casein is the roots of an author. Similar to Wendy Rose, Louise Erdrich has Indian roots. This contemporary poet is known to expose the challenges the Native Americans are facing. The lines show the heart-pounding experience of the one being captive. The kind of captivity that does not only chains the hands and the feet but along with it is the chain of one’s freedom to be him/her self. The stolen identity is what this captivity all about. In the midst of chaos where the cause of turbulence is uncertain, the author expresses a strong determination to survive. The earth and its natures were the only witnesses for all the injustices and sufferings. Thus the heart of the poem conveys the courage for the one experiencing such imprisonment of thoughts, conviction, and volition due to some power hungry society. The human dilemma as inevitable in minor society and less fortunate must accept. At the end of the day, everyone will come to judge the reason why author in the 9th line manifests her belief in prayer and mentioned God several times.