Pain and Its Effects on Quality of Life – Assignment Example

The paper "Pain and Its Effects on Quality of Life" is an excellent example of a psychology assignment. The article chosen to discuss is "Chronic Pain and Its Impact on Quality of Life in Adolescents and Their Families" by Hunfeld, Perkin, Duivenvoorden et al published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology. The study by Hunfeld, Perkin, Duivenvoorden et al (2001) evaluated the impact of chronic pain not related to somatic pain on the quality of life of adolescents and their families. The study was performed on youngsters between 12- 18 years of age who suffered from chronic pain. The assessment was done by asking them to maintain a dairy and complete a questionnaire on quality of life. My initial thoughts of this article were that this article is a reliable source of information pertaining to the impact of pain on the quality of life. From this study, it is evident that the most prevalent pains amongst youngsters are limb pain, headache, abdominal, and back pain. The pain mainly increases during daytime and subsides after sleep. The highest intensity of pain occurs during night time. Chronic pain has a negative impact on the quality of life in terms of psychological functioning, physical status, and functional status. Chronic pain also has an impact on family life and social life. Interesting and important points which have drawn my attention are the fact that non-somatic chronic pain is more frequent among girls and the fact that pain increases during the daytime.