Contribution on Organizational Behaviour – Assignment Example

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The paper "Contribution to Organizational Behaviour " is a worthy example of an assignment on management. Luke Johnson, 48 years old, a successful entrepreneur who transformed “ Pizza Express” into a household name in the UK during the 90’ s and has been since, successful in opening chains of restaurant businesses. He is the chairperson of Channel 4 and writes regularly for “ Financial Times” . The secret to his success can be contributed to his risk-taking attitude and lack of fear of the unpredictable. He takes life as a series of experiences and marches forward with every setback.

He believes, “ We are more disappointed by the things that we did not do in life than the things that we did” , as quoted in his speech at The 2nd Annual iMedia UK Agency Summit Conference. His management style has always been to do what you love and are passionate about, which is a true example of Psychic satisfaction. After all, you tend to get psychological satisfaction when you do what you love. He strikes a balance between his long-term ambitions and his ability to bring down his ambitions to day-to-day details.

I agree with his statement “ sense of realism rather than optimism” . Optimism is like living in world of fairy tales, a happily ever after life, but a check on reality keeps you grounded and ready for the worst scenario.   He is not very fond of the city. He thinks that in the city people work only for the money rather than the so-called personal satisfaction which in turn dilutes the dedication and interest towards the work. The success depends on a monetary basis. According to him, this is just one primary reason for the financial crisis facing.

The other reason for poor quality of work in cities is due to the enforcement of positive thinking. He does agree that positive thinking is important, but it’ s the pessimism that will get a person through the rough times. He claims that he is a schizophrenic, as he has the positive attitude to try new ventures and is a pessimist to keep himself reality checked. With his outstanding blend of commercial and strategic track record along with a zeal for public service, evidently he ought to be the chairperson of Channel 4.

His management strategy includes researching and understanding the market, extensive homework on successful business plans and setbacks, cost-cutting, risk-taking attitude and a belief in inventions. In a nutshell, he is not a man with just vision, but one with planning and organization skills to convert his vision into a desirable product.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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