Oral Candidiasis – Assignment Example

The paper "Oral Candidiasis" is a great example of an assignment on medical science. The oral candidiasis is commonly known as mouth thrush that is an illness that is caused by yeast, candida fungus(CDCP, 2014). Everyone is susceptible to get this infection, but it attacks the young ones, older people and people with low immune against fungal diseases mostly. The mouth has a number of bacteria that checks on the fungus grow. When the protection of an individual is weak, the bacteria die and it gives room for the fungus growth that in return leads to the oral candidiasis (WHO, 2015).
Typical symptoms are:
a) The presence of sores in the mouth.
b) Experience pain when swallowing.
c) Have white patches on the throat, cheeks, and mouth.
When one experiences these signs, one should visit a healthcare to be diagnosed and be given necessary treatment.
Oral thrush usually responds well to antibiotics drugs(NIDCR, 2015). The treatment of the infection varies with its intensity. Drugs can treat it like clotrimazole troches and nystatin suspension(Prevention, 2014). Also, the oral itraconazole and intravenous fluconazole drugs can be used to treat throat thrush. When it is severe, the physician can prescribe azole-resistant in combination with amphotericin B(WHO, 2015).
Prevention of oral candidiasis
There are simple practices that can help one prevent the mouth thrush from the World Health Organization (WHO).
a) Practicing daily oral hygiene through brushing teeth is beneficial.
b) Add sugar-free yogurt in the diet especially when taking antibiotics.
c) Keep off foods that are too much sugar because high sugar concentration in the mouth forms a suitable surrounding for the growth of the fungus.
d) If the immunity is low, like people suffering from diabetes and HIV should take small doses of antibiotics to strengthen the protection.