History of Film: Post-1940 – Assignment Example

The paper "History of Film: Post-1940" is an outstanding example of a historical assignment. Until the 1980’s the sequel-itis did not form an enormous part of Hollywood because the filmmakers were interested to create their own films and even if they recycled the old films, still they mentioned their names and years fully. Hollywood was considered more original due to which, the trend of sequel-itis was less (Neale 247). In the 1980’s, there was much experimentation in the field of filmmaking due to which, the filmmakers considered many forms of filmmaking including sequel-itis. The filmmakers also gained power and significance in the previous decades due to which, they made films with their own independence and formulae. From the 1980’s, sequel-itis became a trend and many people showed interest in their making (Neale 248). On the Waterfront was based on true events and took the story of the movie from New York Sun by Malcolm Johnson (Mills 2007). Things like “On the Waterfront 2: Terry’s Revenge” were not seen because the filmmakers did not consider the sequel-itis as of something valuable. It was thought that a sequel-itis will injure the original film or will devalue it because of the newly added story. It was also thought that the film is originally in its best condition and no further revision is required. Therefore, we did not see “On the Waterfront 2: Terry’s Revenge”.