Myth and Ritual – Assignment Example

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The paper "Myth and Ritual " is a wonderful example of an assignment on religion and theology. The moment human beings realized that there was an end to all things, and in specific, an end to their lives, is the moment they decided to create stories about a future life. A life that perhaps might be similar to the one they enjoyed, and these stories later turn to be folklore on how they reflected on a life they would lead after their current one had passed. These beliefs and doctrines led to the creation of rituals that ultimately gave meaning to the stories that human beings believe, and why they should be followed lest something bad befalls those who do not comply.

Myth and ritual are inseparable because the belief systems humans are exposed to impact the manner in which they view the afterlife. It is all about the unknown. This is one question people ask, despite their race, ethnic background, religion, or language; where does it all go after it is done, and is there any truth behind such belief structures?

It is interesting to note that human beings might be the only creatures with this uncanny ability to imagine of a life outside/after the one on earth, and as far as they are concerned, the rationalization of such behavior is normal. Myths are there to act as guiding paths toward a life that is led properly and to the fullest. Since the coming together of human beings, imagination has led to the development of rituals that try and explain the various phenomena that surround human life. This image is what has provided human beings with the ability to sometimes overcome despair, especially when one wonders if anything or everything may be worth the trouble.

The fact is, humans, surround themselves with myths so as to ensure that this life is lived intensely, and are by no means a way of opting out of it.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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