Career of a School Teacher in Environmental Studies – Assignment Example

The paper "Career of a School Teacher in Environmental Studies" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. My desired career job is that of a middle school teacher, specializing in Environmental Studies. The job profile primarily deals with providing education, particularly environmental awareness to the middle-aged section of the society. A typical workday experience of a secondary-class teacher encompass entrance in the school in the early morning hours, starting from logging in for attendance, attending prayers, conducting classes as per periods allotted, dealing with both sincere and notorious children, examining projects in the classroom and finally logging off at the time of leaving. The timings in a middle school are generally from 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., thereby the working hours being around six and a half hours. However, during final semesters, projects submissions or grooming children for any specific event, working a few extra hours does become imperative. Traveling, on the other hand, is seldom demanded by teachers. I love children and at the same time possess an impeccable passion for teaching. Ever since my school days, I used to observe my teachers and fantasize to become a teacher myself someday. Moreover, on exploring various career opportunities, I found my dream job to match completely with Myers-Briggs type (“Suggested Careers”). According to Myers-Briggs type, I was placed in the ‘ENFJ’ category as they found the traits of teachers, consultants, social workers, counselors and writers in me with the rationale that I own, “a gift of encouraging others actualize themselves, and provide excellent leadership.” The job usually requires a Masters Degree in the subjects to be taught, sound general knowledge and a true passion for teaching. However, having a Masters Degree is not always mandatory depending upon extra-curricular activities pursued. I already have indomitable spirits and skills for the profession. I keep myself updated through intensive online research and do plan to pursue a Masters Degree for acquiring the position of a teacher within the next couple of years. The average starting salary of a middle school teacher in the US is $32,606 which differs considerably on the basis of the school district and being public or not. All middle schools in the US seek teachers. Some of the schools offering this opening at the moment are Wythe County Public Schools (1570 West Reservoir Street, Wytheville, VA 24392), Delhi Public School, Patna (Kashi Place, New Dak Bungalow Road, Patna-800001, Bihar, India), Williamstown Middle High School (Orange North Supervisory Union, 111B Brush Hill Road, Williamstown, VT 05679, EOE), and Mt. Abraham UHS (15 Orchard Terrace Park, Suite 10, Bristol, VT 05443). Certain benefits offered by some of these schools include attractive liberal perks like, “free admission and fee waiver for two offsprings (on confirmation), contributory PF, gratuity, free transport, LTC, leave encashment, etc.”(“Career: Current Vacancies”) However, these perks widely vary from one school to another.