Islamic Schools and Islam in America – Assignment Example

The paper "Islamic Schools and Islam in America" is a wonderful example of an assignment on religion and theology. Islam in America is assured of its continuity by Islamic schools, parallel to the mode with which formal education, in general, got into the system of the country. Most people, however, are not aware that formal education started as purely religious education in America. They are used to the ideas that formal education naturally consists of a list of academic subjects from preparatory schools to post-graduate studies. Chances are high, that a biographic account of the Islamic school for Islam in Illinois will give an overview of the general concept of the existence of formal education in America. Primarily, in consistency with the Islamic faith when Allah, praise and glory be unto Him, said ‘I have taught Adam everything’ (Ali 30-34), and the first revelation, ‘gain knowledge’ (Ali 1761-1763), the Islamic Community Center in Illinois was initiated in 2001. This was to cater to the wholesome learning needs of pre-school and kindergarten Muslim children in the area before getting into the standardized American formal education system. At the start, there was only 1 classroom, 1 teacher, and 13 pre-school and kindergarteners’. In as much as the facility is equipped for a Mosque, the children were also taught the 5 daily community prayers, and the five pillars of Islam in addition to basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. However, today, there are already 1 principal, 10 classroom teachers for the different subjects of the 50 school children, grade1, and grade 2 (ICCI). Islamic schools give ample pre-elementary knowledge to pre-schoolers’ in America.