Education for Democratic Citizenship within the Multicultural Societies of Europe – Assignment Example

The paper "Education for Democratic Citizenship within the Multicultural Societies of Europe" is a worthy example of an assignment on social science. In this world, which is highly rooted with wars, conflicts, and distinctions amongst the people of different castes, races and creed, a spread of multiculturalism is an effort to build tolerant and a peaceful democratic economy. But this has often been blamed to stop economies from progressing. Against multiculturalism, it is believed that all cultures do not have the same experience, social contributions etc. For them to be treated at par with one another, there is a need of comparing them across the board, and hence when they are found to be incommensurate with each other, then multiculturalism - it stands void. Immigrations, internal movements, shelter to refugees has made Britain a composite homeland for individuals from multiples of cultures; with the passage of time, a new stream of ‘race relations problem’ commenced. To unwelcome, these riots emerged throughout between the racist and the antiracist factions supporting their beliefs. To spread social cohesion, the creation of a Citizens Democracy is becoming imperative. Hence Kerr and others suggested that a formal education system will be developed in schools; this idea was supported by many intellectual and political contemporaries (Fragkoulis, 2006). Many programs were developed, but not at all implemented in spirit. But this education was always influenced by a certain dominated culture; there were factors over time that did not allow economies to remain stable – many downsides were seen with the uplifts, this caused development of row between multitudes of cultures. An idea of special schools was also put forward, these were public schools commonly known as ‘magnet schools’ that were formed in minority neighborhoods to attract people from all across without any limitations to geographical boundaries to eliminate any disintegration.