Superman in Movie – Assignment Example

The paper "Superman in Movie" is a good example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. The first scene I have chosen is the one where Superman was still a baby inside a meteor that was discovered by a childless couple. This is parallel with the “the crossing of the first threshold” wherein the hero enters earth ( a world he is unfamiliar with ). His threshold guardians are the elderly couple who raise him up and introduce him to the ways of a human being. The second scene is when Clark Kent travels to the Arctic circle and discovers the truth behind his superpowers. Thus, he stays there for 12 years before coming out of the world which is similar to “belly of the whale” wherein he becomes transformed in preparation for his new role. The hero needs a “rebirth” so that his full transformation would take place. The third scene is a romantic one, where he brings Lois Lane around the city as part of the interview. This is similar to Campbell’s Initiation where Lois Lane is the Temptress. The hero becomes attached to a female figure and become subjective. His interest in the opposite sex would lead him to anger as the woman figure dies at the end of the movie, making revenge as the main motivator for the hero’s actions. The predator that Estes referred to was a close friend of mine. I trusted that person with all my secrets and related to him my deepest fears as well as dreams. Unfortunately, the person was not interested in protecting my well-being since he got jealous of my achievements in school. It came to a point where he spread malicious rumors about me, embedding lies into the things that I confided in him. It was an emotional trauma for me since I could not understand why a trusted friend could hurt me so much just to gain popularity. I was only able to recover from it by avoiding him and staying at home with my family. The feeling was similar to that of a wolf being hunted by human beings for sport, as a prize. Hibernating was the means of survival and I only came out after the winter has passed.