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Business continuity planBusiness continuity plan abbreviated as BCP is a document which details the schedule methodology, procedures, practices and instructions of actions to be done during disaster recovery (www. thebci. org). The document documents all the alternative measures that an organization can take, the personnel required and other resources. Motosport wants to include an internet based system to its business operation. This is projected to help its client’s quick access to the services. This system according to the clients will save time and increase the number of customers for the company.

Given that the company does not have vast knowledge on information system especially internet based business, the journey that Motosport is embarking upon is a risky one, including the roll-out of some radical changes (from both a business and technical viewpoint). Therefore there is a need for a contingency plan in place to ensure that the business can still function even in the event of systems failure. Business continuity plan entails coming up with new tasks that will enable the company have a competitive advantage in the market and increase revenue. Motorsport Company has put implementation of ICT a top priority in its priority plan.

To develop BCP, there will be five steps followed. It is also assumed that the top management of Motosport Company support the BCP development and has approved the model. they also support the process by offering their leadership support. They approve, guide, encourage and offer visionary leadership during this process. BCP development stepsInitiation The project to be developed and implemented is integrating the current system with an online system which enables customers to check their stock, be able to order for goods and make delivery arrangements of the ordered goods online.

The organization is determined to improve the customer service and increase its revenue hence it conducted a survey to find out what the customers want. It is therefore the top priority of the management to ensure customers are satisfied. Given that the company had done a survey on this subject the BCP leader will assume that the top management knows what the project is all about. The staffs are also aware of the BCP, therefore there will be no need for a background statement on the project.

The objectives of the planInformation system has emerged as an integration agent in today’s business not only in computer related business but to other businesses as well. It has proven to be the best tool to gain competitive advantage in the market. Customers are becoming sophisticated each day, their demands are dynamic given the environment they are in. clients are able to compare different services of several organization just by the click of a mouse. They are able to buy at the comfort of their seats in the office or at home.

In many surveys carried out in industries, information system implementation system is often pointed out as a challenge (Martin, 1982, Porter and Miller, 1985). While King (1995), insists that evaluation of the company’s strategy plan is a key to maintaining competitive advantages. It is therefore important for Motorsport to review its strategic plan with an aim of remaining ahead of its competitors. To meet the current customer needs the organization has to come up with a strategy that enable its information and processes run on an internet based system in its business operations.

An evaluation of risks, requirement and needs should be intensively done to ensure the company does not loss sight on the overall company goals.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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