Team Motivation – Assignment Example

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The paper "Team Motivation" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. With regards to our performance, I feel we need to put in more efforts that will not only help in sustaining good performance but also create more efficient and effective team. Considering the tenure of all team members, it is clear that everyone is quite adept at their tasks, and are also lost in the monotonous grind of everyday work. Motivation has lowered to a large extent, which I noticed in recent times through general discussions. These discussions more often brought about complaints related to team members’ interaction with supervisors and managers, and lack of learning and career progression.

Looking at the situation I felt we need to address these to concerns proactively to avoid any future damages to the team that could be in the form of attrition and/or low performance. To address the first concern, I would like to recommend that organizing periodic team meetings with managers will help in improving interaction between the two, and also provide a platform for team members to express their concerns or come up with new initiatives to perform better.

For the second concern, a frequent change in the roles and responsibilities of team members can be of considerable help in motivating and improving their morale. This will create enthusiasm as it will provide opportunities to learn different tasks and hone their skills. This will also help the team members come out of their monotonous job, and do something different. We should also drive this rotation on the basis of performance which will enhance the efficiency of the overall team. I would recommend the above two points which will help our team to become more effective and efficient, and more importantly strengthen the team bonding.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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