The Mission of Benevolent Corporation – Assignment Example

The paper "The Mission of Benevolent Corporation" is an excellent example of a business assignment.
The mission of Benevolent Corporation is to be continually recognized as the innovative manufacturer of highly engineered electronic parts through innovative research and development that would revolutionize the computer industry through its more productive, highly accessible and affordable products consistent with standards of excellence and social responsibility.
Company Code
Benevolent Corporation’s Company Code should incorporate policies and procedures in major areas of operations such as administrative, organizational structure’s line of communication, security, protection of company assets and resources, diversity and ethics, performance and promotions, and the corresponding sanctions in cases of infractions or violations of the code.
Administrative Aspect covers rules and regulations on absenteeism, tardiness, benefits for regular employees (leave credits, bonuses), wearing of company uniform, time and dates of working hours, eligibility to overtime pay, health benefits, etc.
Organizational Structure stipulates the line of communication for every staff and line employee. It stipulates rules on insubordination, reporting of complaints, review of performance, and the like.
Security states rules and regulations on restricted areas, visiting hours, wearing company identification cards, access to company information and data, among others. This area covers the protection of assets and resources especially those covered by the patent. Other products under research and development would likewise be detailed and comprehensively discussed in this section.
Diversity, ethics, and culture state the company’s openness to cultural diversity and according to equal benefits and treatment regardless of age, race, and ethnic orientations.
Performance and promotions stipulate rules and regulations on human resources management issues including recruitment, placement, training, and development.
Any violations of company rules and policies would be subject to review and evaluation and corresponding penalties would range from the written reprimand, warning, suspension to termination, as the case warrants.