Manufacturing Microphone Amplifier – Assignment Example

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The paper "Manufacturing Microphone Amplifier" is a delightful example of an assignment on engineering and construction. The circuit of the fan looks like the circuits shown below. The fan is supposed to be connected to ensure that the current generated steps up the voltage so that the sound of the microphone is amplified. The overall fit of the circuit should be capable of fitting on the Vero board and this requires the usage of short wire and precise measurements. How to manufacture the actual circuit Connect a signal through a capacitor and a transistor at the end.

This will allow the flow of the alternating current that arises from the electric fan. However, the signal is not triggered by direct current. You can use these in making a differential amplifier which is ideal for a microphone. The circuit breaker should be connected to ensure that it cuts off the circuit when the direct current flows through the circuit. You should use the holder for the connections on the wire wrap board. Make sure that you connect the wires correctly. Since the load is audio, a class B amplifier will work perfectly for amplifying the sound. The differential amplifier that is formed allows negative feedback which harmonizes the difference between the load of the sound input and the sound output.

With the two transistors, the sound travels to a third transistor that acts as the emitter of the sound. The capacitor that you install allows the alternating current signal to pass through the circuit but it blocks the direct current by the resistors. There should be two resistors so that any preceding circuit does not become affected by the direct current.

The two transistors that form the differential amplifier allow usage of the negative feedback. This feedback is fed through the microphone to the second transistor through the two resistors that are mounted on the wire wrap board. The circuit of the amplifier will resemble the one below.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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