How to Bild an Effective Team – Assignment Example

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The paper "How to Bild an Effective Team" is a wonderful example of a management assignment.   A team is a group of individuals with specialized skills coming together to achieve a fixed goal. An important aspect of a team is that each team member is dependent on others for the success of the project (Schotes et al. , 2003).   In order to function effectively and efficiently, it is necessary that all the team members shall be flexible, have faith and trust in the other members, support every member and shall be sincerely dedicated to achieving the common goal.

A team is as strong as its weakest link. The role of a team leader is of prime importance in a team's efficiency: • Build team commitment and align the team members towards the common goal. • Handle conflicts within the team members fairly and objectively. • Use the creativity of the individual team members to solve problems innovatively• Use an appropriate amount of praise and rewards to measure member performance and growth.   One of the major issues that can hinder the progress of a team towards its goal is “ ineffective communication” .

In order to avoid this pitfall, it is necessary that the team leader establishes clear communication standards and norms. Various collaboration tools can be used in order to foster clear and accurate communication among team members.   Another pitfall that may affect the deficiency of the team is “ disproportionate praise and publicity” . Although praise and rewards are an effective mechanism to boost team members' morale, these may have an adverse effect when used inappropriately. Disproportionately rewarding a member may lead to a 'me versus him' attitude in the team which may stop the team from achieving its goals.   Teams are an effective system to reach a set objective.

When managed properly, teams can often lead to extraordinary results.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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