Team Leader – Assignment Example

The paper "Team Leader" is a wonderful example of a management assignment.
We had this project in one of our classes that is due in three days. The class was divided into groups of five members in which there was an assigned leader to collate necessary details from the teacher and in turn relay to the group members. I belonged to a group where the leader selected was known to be a very responsible and quite an intelligent student. During our group discussion, my group mates were quite confident that we can nail this project, putting so much confidence in our group leader. So instead of brainstorming with what is supposed to be mapped out in our project, we ended up discussing irrelevant things until the class ended and let our leader decide as to what our project would be, stressing out that we will definitely work with whatever she will have in mind.
The next day, our group leader handed out the action plan for the project and it didn’t go as smoothly as expected. Two of our group mates cannot accomplish the task assigned to them because it turned out that it was in conflict with their schedules in other classes. I, on the other hand, thought that the project was unrealistic and impossible to complete on time has given the fact that two of my other group mates refused to deliver the task assigned to them. It turned out into a heated discussion, the group leader quiet upset that we had to go over with the planning again. But the good thing was, at the end of the day, although there was time constraint already, we were able to agree on something that is workable for the rest of the group.
With this experience, I think that brainstorming is best for any group activity. It always works on the premise that “two heads are better than one”. Although sometimes group discussions can be frustrating having to find some member’s opinion is in contrast with your own, an open heart to consider ideas can never go wrong. It is with heated discussions that ideas are critically evaluated, analyzed and polished. Provided it is not taken personally, an exchange of ideas can definitely promote a good sense of learning and in turn can help deliver the best decision that will surely work.