Group vs Individual Education – Assignment Example

The paper "Group vs Individual Education" is an exceptional example of an educational assignment.
There are points and times in most people’s academic and professional careers when they have to work in groups. This can be due to a variety of reasons one of the most frequent being believed is that bringing together a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds will create a synergy that will lead to greater productivity and output. However, there are many situations in which groups tend to be less effective than individuals.
For example, recently we had to make a group to work on a report. My experience working with this group indicates that building a group and getting it to actually work is very time and energy intensive activities. We spent a lot of time just getting acquainted with each person in the group. We spent time taking each other contact Id’s and numbers and the session ended without any real work being done or even planned out. I know that as individuals we would have accomplished a great deal more in that time period then we did with the group.
There are certainly other issues that social psychologists identify with groups. One is groupthink, this is simply what happens when everyone in the group starts accepting a wrong viewpoint simply because the group appears to be accepting it. There have been situations when large groups of people have ignored the obvious and logical and made bad decisions. Social loafing is another such negative behavior type associated with groups in which certain group members refuse to work properly and survive in the group on the basis of others effort.
Although groups may be essential at certain times and points to get work done, for example when it is essential to get viewpoints from people of different functional areas, effort should be made to fuse them into effective teams otherwise individual workers are far more effective.