N Stnd ut s Dyr Workers – Assignment Example

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The paper 'Меn Stаnd Оut Аs Dаyсаrе Workers' is a great example of an assignment on social science.   Early childhood education is perceived as a profession for women instead of men in several societies. According to local statistics collected from a number of institutions around America, it is clear that the profession of early childhood education is dominated by women. Most early childhood training colleges enroll many females in their institutions as compared to males. For instance, in 2008, Lipman College of Early Childhood graduated 41,700 graduates, and only 599 of them were male.

Similarly, in 2013 Oshawa’ s Durham College reported having graduated an unproportional number of male and female graduates (75 women and only 3 men). Additionally, most institutions that offered daycare services reported to employ more female teachers as compared to male teachers. This imbalance leaves a lot to be desired this paper explores the reasons for the imbalance and whether it is important to ensure gender balance amongst the E. C.D educators (Irish, 2013). Most males shy from becoming elementary educators due to salary. Most, employers pay daycare teachers as little as the minimum wages up to slightly above 30 dollars per hour, if the educator is experienced.

Since most males are the breadwinners in their families, they prefer going for better-paying jobs. Secondly, the nature of work in elementary institutions is perceived to be more favorable for women; for instance, changing diapers, cleaning the noses of the children, feeding the young ones, to name but a few. Lastly, the societies’ perspective on male daycare teachers is somehow negative. According to research carried out by Dr. Coulter and Dr.

McKay from Western University, a most male who choose to peruse elementary teaching is eyed within suspicion. Most people are skeptical about their intentions, abilities and their sexuality (Irish, 2013). According to feedback from several institutions, it is clear that there is a need to have both genders actively represented in the early development of any child. According to Gauthier, it is imperative that the young ones have both male and female role models during the early stages of life. Moreover, while the children benefit from the nurturing activities from the female educators, they receive the activity benefits from male educators.

Finally, there has been a positive feedback form both students and parents on male educators from institutions where there are some. The children seem to gain a lot from the male educators, and hence there is a need to increase the numbers of male educators in the society (Irish, 2013). The main reason as to why it thinks it is important to have male elementary teachers is because, to begin with, they play an important role as role models to young children as they grow up.

Both young boys and girls need role models from both genders in order to grow up appreciating gender variation. Secondly, it has been proven that male teachers are as competent as female elementary teachers. In some institutions, the male teachers have proven to be even more productive than the female teachers and children, as well as parents, seem to appreciate them more. Finally, by introducing more male teachers, it would ensure gender balance as required. Questions How is the current gender balance amongst elementary educators in Toronto today? Give three main reasons why men are reluctant to become early childhood educators. Give three reasons why it is important to have gender balance amongst early childhood educators. How do most societies perceive male elementary educators? What is your personal perceptive on male elementary educators?


Irish, P. (2013, Feb 07). Men stand out as daycare workers. Toronto, Canada. Retrieved from: http://www.thestar.com/life/parent/2013/02/07/men_stand_out_as_daycare_workers.html
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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