Illustration of Real Life Problems through Math – Assignment Example

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The paper "Illustration of Real Life Problems through Math  " is a great example of an assignment on formal science and physics science. BMI is taken to identify if a person is in the right height and in the right weight. It is the proportion of lean muscles of the body and the body fat. The proportion of lean muscles of the body must be greater than the proportion of body fats. If a BMI of a person is greater than the average for his/her age, the person is considered to be obese.

But if it’ s the other way around, he/she is malnourished. The graph below gives the median BMI for females of different ages in the US in the year 2000. The x-axis on the graph represents the age while the y-axis in the graph shows the standard BMI. Every age corresponds to a standard BMI, as we can see the graph shows one-to-one correspondence. There is no exact equation for this graph since the variables are very close to each other. The line in the graph shows that it is a quadratic equation rather than a linear equation.

But I’ ve made a formula that fits the graph.   In this graph, we can see that the red line on the graph shows a consistent rise in the variables. The function x stands for the age. Difference between these two graphs is the distance between variables is noticeable. The red line is consistent, as the given variable increases as the value of x increases. This shows one-to-one correspondence in a graph. While the blue line shows a slight curve horizontal line because the variables are closely related to each other.

Therefore, I conclude that the standard BMI for 1-20 years of age has a little different from each other. Therefore, to estimate a BMI of a 30-year-old woman, we have: The result is not acceptable because this is not normal. The average BMI of a 30-year old woman is 38.15. This is the BMI chart for Filipino women. As we can see there is no big difference between the BMI chart in the US and the BMI chart in the Philippines. We can see in this graph the population of the US.

We can see that as the year progress, the population increases. The increase in both variables shows the growing population of the US. That’ s why the US government proposed family planning. In this chart, we can see that, if family planning is proposed, the growth in population will decrease. This chart shows that right family planning will control the growing population in the US.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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