Poor Terms of Communication between Businesses – Assignment Example

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The paper "Poor Terms of Communication between Businesses" is a great example of an assignment on business. Communication is one of the vital aspects for any successful However, of contemporary times, there have been various cases of incompetence in the field and this has led to poor terms of business between organizations. This incompetence has gone further to affect the market strategies for the organization entirely. There are various specific examples that clearly illustrate poor terms of communication between businesses. One example is in the current activities that computer and Information Technology giant, Best Buy, has set on in the recent past.

Not long ago, the company announced that it had formed a committee that would assist in the evaluation of the next Chief Executive Officer that had neither the founder nor the chair. In the press release made by the spokesperson, he refused to comment on the most likely incoming Chief Executive nor why the owners of the company were not involved in the decision-making process (Bustillo, 2012). This information was incomplete and affects the decisions that investors may make.

Another example is in the case of Dawey & LeBoeuf LLP, a law firm in New York that stated that it is considering a merger with another firm. Reports gathered were inconclusive and thus putting the company in a rather unstable situation because other firms may shy off from trading some of its asset lawyers to the company for the fear of a merger with a less competent firm (Smith & Spector, 2012). The final example of this ineffective communication is between another merger expected between OAO Rosneft, a major oil company with Russian roots and Exxon.

Information from the spokesperson of respective companies announced the merger but did not offer details as to when it would take place (Gonzalez, 2012). This is another case in which investor decisions are tied due to inconclusive intelligence. Communication should receive the amount of credit it deserves in the effective running of an organization. When an organization bears an inconclusive or rather poor communication network, chances are that associated companies may have a hard time working with it. This is due to the high amount of doubt and fear bore in terms of investment.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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