Marketing Example: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – Assignment Example

The paper "Marketing Example: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" is a brilliant example of an assignment on marketing. Marketing Example: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” The Good (MacBook Pro – Ultra-thin, Print Ad One of the print ad’s of MacBook Pro laptop was very effective in conveying the idea. It was one of the best print ads in terms of creativity. (“19 Best ads I have ever seen,” n.d.) The ad contains 3 pictures. The first picture shows a man lifting a page in a book which shows a laptop. The second picture shows turned away pages and a laptop in between the pages. The third picture is that of the laptop. A very short description of the laptop was given below the ad. This ad was very much effective because it educates the customers about the thinness of the laptop. Another important feature of the ad is that only very limited words were used and the emphasis was given only for the pictures. The ad used more of non-verbal communication mode. The Bad (Chase – Bill Board): This part is about Chase Bank’s billboard in Los Angeles. The billboard is about the ATM networks of the bank. The Ad reads like this, “Almost as many ATM’s as Unsold Screen Plays.” (The worst billboard in L.A., 2010) A picture of the movie camera is also shown. The name ‘Chase’ is written at the bottom right portion of the board. As there were many screenplays and other products left unsold and piled up due to a recession, the bank made a comparison of its ATM networks with that of such unsold screenplays. The intention of the bank was to convey the public that the bank has a wide network of ATM’s. By the advertisement message, the bank has actually offended the filmmakers and all others who were actively involved in the development of movies as any other job. Thus it has created a bad impression about the bank in the minds of the public. The Ugly (Parle Appy Fizz – TV Ad): Parle Appy Fizz is a popular apple drink in India. The ad goes like this. Two animated bottles, while on an elevator, hit a beautiful girl. “Two bottles. Because they're cool drinks to hang out with.” (Worst TV commercials of 2009, 2010) Though the intention of the company was good, the way it was pictured was really bad. The idea was not properly conveyed to the viewers. The ad was not much impressive too.