Value Proposition and Positioning of McDonalds – Assignment Example

The paper "Value Proposition and Positioning of McDonald’s" is a great example of a marketing assignment. According to McCarthy (1975), brands have been used primarily for identification. Customers are willing to buy brand rather than by inspection where there is some assurance of quality” (p. 249) The brand chosen is McDonald’s, synonymous to fast foods all over the world.
What is the value proposition the brand offers you? (why do you buy ) 
Consumers buy McDonald’s because of its quality, fast service, and cheap price. McDonald’s is the brand synonymous to fast foods such as hamburgers, French fries, sundaes, among others. The diversity of food choices at McDonald’s give consumers the opportunity to select from a variety of selections. It “serves a range of high-quality foods that can fit into a balanced diet” (McDonald’s, 2010, par. 1). People buy McDonald’s because of the hygienic preparation of food; cleanliness of restaurant; the air-conditioned comfort of the restaurant; outing with family and friends while shopping and as a treat for the children, among others.
Discuss the positioning from your point of view (what is your critical selection process?)
McDonald’s is positioned as a high quality – affordable priced product and consumers choose it from among other fast food brands because it has been tested to be a good product (high quality). The company was able to strategically minimize the notorious concept of fast foods being unhealthy through making consumers aware of the nutritional value of their products and offering other healthy alternatives such as salads, fish fillet, and other fresh toppings (sautéed mushrooms, red onion slices, crinkle cut pickles, and thick tomato slices). The brand recognition is so famous that it is known the world over. It’s extensive and continuous advertising and promotion strategies enforce consumer awareness and retention of the brand name to a wide range of markets targeting diverse age brackets.