MANU Sports Academy – Assignment Example

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The problem that Tom Owen faces with his MANU Soccer Academy business is that it has reached its limit in the number of children that are aware of the academy and purchase the programs and materials that Owen has to offer in Fort Collins. Now that the company has grown, Owen realizes that he needs to improve his training facilities and pay for a new training complex to help train the children he currently has. Unfortunately, the business is not big enough to afford an investment of that magnitude, so Owen needs to decide how to make additional income from the business while avoiding having the academy’s resources being stretched too thin.
While Owen has developed a very strong business and has been able to hire additional coaches and trainers from England and the local colleges, his business is only well-known in the local Fort Collins area in northern Colorado. The company’s efforts to market to broader markets, in geographic location and the players’ age groups, have not been very strong. In addition to this, the overall retention rate of the older children is around 80% that Owen attributes to children having more sports requirements and additional responsibilities that they cannot afford to have extra soccer training. It is clear that the marketing needs to change in order for the academy to be able to pay for a new training facility. The audience and market are there in northern Colorado, but the people outside of the local Fort Collins area are not aware of the successes that MANU Soccer Academy and Tom Collins have experienced in local soccer. Very little is known about the management team with MANU Soccer Academy, as the case study only states that Owen has hired only additional coaching and training staff members, not marketing or management personnel.
There are several options that are available for Tom Owen and the Academy. The first of which is that he needs to develop a stronger relationship with local youth and high school coaches in the areas greater than 25 miles away from Fort Collins. This would provide additional marketing options and potential training personnel that are already living in those areas further away from MANU. The current training facilities that these youth leagues and high school teams currently use outside of Fort Collins may be available for the Soccer Academy to use, especially if a discount is provided for players that sign up from the direct word-of-mouth marketing of the local soccer coaches. This would be an excellent way for Tom Owen to extend his business to a larger geographic area without accumulating additional costs that are not beneficial. Otherwise, Tom Owen should look to improve upon the 80% retention rate he is currently working at. The Academy should look to provide perks to the kids that have been members of the Academy for long periods of time, such as Fort Collins Force or professional soccer tickets and free gear. This could help urge the older kids to stay in the program longer and increase the 80% retention rate, although paying for a new training facility would require a much larger change such as the one previously mentioned.