Women's Regular Favorite High Heeled Shoes – Assignment Example

The paper "Women's Regular Favorite High Heeled Shoes" is a great example of a marketing assignment.
I choose the 'Women's Regular Favorite High Heeled Shoes' which comes in either the fine calfskin or kid suede with a faux nappa full lining and 3 ½ inches stacked heel and a soft, slip-resistant pig suede heel counter. This product is under the company's Shoes & Boots product line for women.
Describe this product’s target market– must include age, gender, income, lifestyle.
The product's target market is mainly women, around twenty to more than thirty years of age, belongs to the middle-income bracket, and a career woman. As this kind of shoes is not typical for use on casual occasions, the shoes either come with a dress, if not a corporate suit. The woman who buys this shoes wants it to complement the dress that she wears.
State one way this product offers customer satisfaction.
This product offers customer satisfaction by offering two types of benefits. The first one, the functional benefits—this product provides women quality shoes that will come with their dresses and corporate suit. The quality of the leather, as well as the added functional benefits such as the slip-resistant heel counter, ensure that the customer will get comfort, as well as quality. The other type of benefits are emotional—the image that these customers get when they wear a more than $100 shoes, as well as the safety of choice, for Land's End's reputation of guaranteed quality.
How does the price of the product reflect the target market?
For a pair of shoes, $100 is a bit on the higher end, although not as high as the designer ones. This signifies a woman with something close to a high collar job, who has the means to buy shoes that will complement what she wears for work, or for certain occasions.
How does the promotion method of internet sales reflect the target market’s needs?
Because the target market is a career woman, internet sales reflect the target market's a bit of a hectic lifestyle. As she does not have much time to go on shopping, she can place her order on the internet and have the product delivered, which does not give her any hassle. The target market's need for convenience is reflected in the promotion method.