Management Assignments Examples and Paper Samples

Followers and Organizational Problem Solving

The paper "Followers and Organizational Problem Solving" is a brilliant example of a management assignment. Upward communication is generally a neglected sphere of research in the area of leadership in organizational behavior and functioning. Communication from senior managerial officers to non-managerial staff is mostly considered to be the cornerstone of successful running of an organization.…
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Do Influence and Power Coexist

The paper "Do Influence and Power Coexist" is a brilliant example of a management assignment. Influence and power can coexist though in limited capacities, at the same time. It is important that influence is exerted in a positive fashion because power is mostly employed in a very strict and authoritative tone.…
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Need Theories of Motivation

The paper "Need Theories of Motivation" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. In the situation provided, it is shown that Roger is an employee of the sole department store in the small town. Apparently, Roger’s performance has been good throughout his length of tenure in the said store and even received raises in bonuses, which means that financial rewards have already been provided to him.…
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Dubai Company Drops Port Deal

The paper "title" is a worthy example of an assignment on management. Dubai Company Drops Port Deal Ans. Political factors played their due role at the reversal of the ports deal in both the regions. This was because each of the two regions knew beforehand that their domain was being violated by the other party and hence for that reason each of them was pretty quick to deploy their defensive mechanisms in place.…
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Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Management

The paper "Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Management" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. For Dell to abandon ABC as a result of its returning similar results as the old cost system is akin to “shooting the messenger.” If ABC had sufficient features, cost-effectiveness, and usability to be purchased in the first place, it shouldn’t be discarded now.…
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John Snyder in Circuit Electronics

The paper "tiJohn Snyder in Circuit Electronics le" is a good example of an assignment on management. John Snyder was excited to learn of his appointment as Circuit Electronics Corporations new vendor sales representative to Household Appliance, Inc. For the past four years, Circuit Electronics has supplied all the electric switches used in Households washers and dryers.…
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The Concept of Employment by Will

The paper "The Concept of Employment by Will" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. “The employment-at-will doctrine avows that, when an employee does not have a written employment contract and the term of employment is of indefinite duration, the employer can terminate the employee for good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all”.…
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Balance Between Profits and Being Socially Responsible

The paper "Balance Between Profits and Being Socially Responsible" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. A corporation usually finds it tough to have a clear-cut balance between the profits and the aspect of social responsibility that it has to plunge into, for all the right reasons.…
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The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation

The paper "The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation " is a good example of an assignment on management. Being the bridge between the management and Labor Force is by no means a pretty task. It calls for a sharp intellect a glib tongue and speedy action. A person in this strategic position could either do away with trouble or invite more trouble.…
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Effect of Emotions at Work

The paper "Effect of Emotions at Work" is a great example of a management assignment. The ethical principles that come in conflict are based on compromising the work quality with regards to one’s own feelings and influences. These must remain at a distance to suggest growth and productivity for the basis of a business.…
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Porters Forces and Corporate Responsibility

The paper "Porter’s Forces and Corporate Responsibility" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. Porter’s five forces is a framework that can be applied to any industry or sector in order to identify the sources of competition in an industry or sector. The five forces include buyer power, supplier power, the threat of substitutes, threat of entry and competitive rivalry.…
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Employee No Go For Tuition Reimbursement

The paper "Employee No Go For Tuition Reimbursement" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. We wish to sincerely thank you for all your efforts in supporting us in continuous growth and sustenance of an organization. As you are aware that the current economy is not doing well and organizations across the industry are facing business challenges.…
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Agency Problems at AIG

The paper "Agency Problems at AIG" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. In simplest of terms, Agency problems can be defined as the problems that arise due to the differences in the interest of the firm’s owner and managers (Brealey et. al. 2001). In large companies, managers are hired as agents on behalf of the owners.…
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Integrity and Leadership

The paper "Integrity and Leadership " is a good example of a management assignment. Something that has had a big influence on me is the idea of integrity and leadership. I believe integrity is the most pressing leadership issue of today. To me, it means having sound moral principles and being honest and upright. In our contemporary world, it is clear we have a serious lack of these important principles.…
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Emotional Intelligence

The paper "Emotional Intelligence " is a perfect example of a management assignment. When I first looked at my test I wondered what exactly this meant. Does it have to do with how intelligent a person is? Does it have to do with their emotions? I was not sure. The test said that the better your Emotional Intelligence, the better you will do in your life. I am not sure that this is true.…
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Benefit of Physical Exercise in Stress Management

The paper "Benefit of Physical Exercise in Stress Management" is a good example of an assignment on management. A strong relation between stress management and physical exercise has been prophesied philosophically and established scientifically since ancient times, as evidenced from various scriptures explaining the art of Yoga, meditation, and other forms of martial arts also.…
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Stress Addiction and Recovery

The paper "Stress Management " is an outstanding example of an assignment on management. Many psychiatrists have confirmed that stress increases the risk of addiction, to drugs, alcohol, smoking and other such habits, and also has a high possibility of causing the relapse of addictions.…
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Contribution on Organizational Behaviour

The paper "Contribution to Organizational Behaviour " is a worthy example of an assignment on management. Luke Johnson, 48 years old, a successful entrepreneur who transformed “Pizza Express” into a household name in the UK during the 90’s and has been since, successful in opening chains of restaurant businesses.…
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How to Use the Idea of Cognitive Dissonance to Encourage Employees

The paper "How to Use the Idea of Cognitive Dissonance to Encourage Employees" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. Cognitive dissonance can arise whenever there are conflicting ideas with regards to certain tasks at work. Alan did not quite know what to do when he was offered a higher salary while working at a position which was lower than his current job focus.…
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Lowering OSHA Recordable Frequency

The paper "Lowering OSHA Recordable Frequency" is a wonderful example of a management assignment.  With all the information given the plant manager probably views the most important safety aspect as lowering OSHA recordable frequency, along with low accident frequency.…
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Team Leader

The paper "Team Leader" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. We had this project in one of our classes that is due in three days. The class was divided into groups of five members in which there was an assigned leader to collate necessary details from the teacher and in turn relay to the group members.…
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Team Motivation

The paper "Team Motivation" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. With regards to our performance, I feel we need to put in more efforts that will not only help in sustaining good performance but also create more efficient and effective team.…
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How to Bild an Effective Team

The paper "How to Bild an Effective Team" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. A team is a group of individuals with specialized skills coming together to achieve a fixed goal. An important aspect of a team is that each team member is dependent on others for the success of the project…
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Management Problems

The paper "Management Problems" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. The purpose of this paper is to address two separate issues. Firstly this paper will discuss the management of problems associated with accusations of male corrections officer misconduct in female penitentiaries in Michigan.…
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Are Employee Morale and Productivity Related

Management: Are Employee Morale and Productivity Related? Employee Motivation and Productivity Question As the old adage goes, “happy employees are productive employees”, definitely there is a correlation between morale and productivity. Morale has…
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Potential Benefits of Going from a 5 Day Work Week to a 4 Day Work Week

Subject: Request to Conduct Research on Going from a Five Day Week to a Four Day Week INTRODUCTION This is a request for your permission to research the potential benefits of going from a 5 day work week to a 4 day work week in our organization. The…
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Systems Engineering and Management Company: SEMCO

Systems Engineering & Management Company (SEMCO) Systems Engineering & Management Company (SEMCO) Briefly describe the organization.Systems Engineering & Management Company (SEMCO) was established in 1963 and was responsible with the production of…
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Three Levels of Organizational Culture

The paper "Three Levels of Organizational Culture" is a good example of a management assignment.

Level 1: Observable Artifact: Artifacts have the role of marking the surface of a company. There are visible elements that can be seen by the employees even other parties. The elements may include logos, structures, clothing, and architecture; they are difficult to understand for the first time.

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Managing Inventory

The paper "Managing Inventory" is an excellent example of an assignment on management. In addition to inventory being a current asset in a company’s balance sheet, it is also a part of its ongoing business operations. The success of Dr Pepper can greatly be attributed to its proper inventory management and use of efficient inventory models. …
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Management and Development of Cost Estimation

Literature Review Management and Development of Cost Estimation By [Full [Lecturer’s and Number] Review of Macauley’sarticle on issues in the theory of Cost Estimation In the article, there is clear definition of the paper’s subject matter from the…
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Hong Kong Airport

HONGKONG AIRPORT The of the The of the School The and where it is located The Date HONG KONG AIRPORT Hong Kong is an international centre for the movement of humans and goods in terms of air transport. Hong Kong International Airport is the…
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Strategic Management: External Analysis of Exxon

Trident MGT499 Strategic Management Strategic Management: External Analysis SLP Strategic Management: External Analysis SLP i) What are the major threats to the companys ability to serve its stakeholders and make its mission a reality? One major…
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Strategic Management: Internal Analysis of Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon Mobil Corporation: Internal Analysis Vani Aparna Chavali Exxon Mobil Corporation: Internal Analysis i) What are the two or three biggest strengths the company has that allows it to make the companys vision come to fruition? The primary source…
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Employee Engagement and Commitment Action Plan

Employee Engagement and Commitment Action Plan In every work environment, different views are given as regards to theunderstanding of what employee engagement and commitment are. However, some common subject matters are cited i.e. employees’…
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Merging of Departments for Cost Containment

The paper "Merging of Departments for Cost Containment" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Merging simply means the coming up of two or more industries to form one company. On the other hand, cost containment is a situation whereby unnecessary spendings are avoided through proper practice aimed at maintaining the expenses incurred by the business at a certain level.…
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Operations Managers Metric

The paper "Operations Managers Metric" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. As a manager, it is important to understand these four metrics to be able to carry out your tasks in a quality manner. These metrics are the triple bottom line, employee satisfaction score, customer satisfaction score, and cash flow.…
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The Work of a Hotel Executive Committee

The paper "The Work of a Hotel Executive Committee" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. The work of a hotel’s executive committee involves supporting the board of directors and the workplace in decision making. The committee makes various decisions that govern the daily running of the hotels. This makes their decisions key to the hotel’s success. …
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Cultural Leadership Strengths And Weakness

The paper "Cultural Leadership Strengths And Weakness" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. African cultural leadership is based on defined rules and regulations set by the community involved. Leaders are sworn in according to the prevailing laws. It involves leaders inheriting leadership from their parents.…
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Financial Management

The paper "Financial Management" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. Team A’s feasibility plan seems to be very promising, but only for those people who love to cook. Unfortunately, not all people, especially those single individuals with the busy lifestyle, would even think of cooking their own food once they come home from work.…
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Transport Security Administration

The paper "Transport Security Administration " is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Transport Security Administration (T.S.A) is a U.S based agency entrusted with the provision of security to passengers who are traveling. The agency has employed twenty security layers to beef up security to people especially by air.…
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Cross-Functional Teams

The paper "Cross-Functional Teams" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. What benefits did the cross-functional teams bring to General Mills?One of the benefits was improved communication throughout the company as people got to know each other.…
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ISO 9001:2008 Certification Process

The paper "ISO 9001:2008 Certification Process" is a good example of a management assignment. ISO 9001:2008 is the standard that gives the canons for a quality management system in any organization. ISO 9001:2008 certification has been adopted by more than 1 million organizations across the world and gives a guarantee that the products or services offered by the organizations satisfy certain requirements.…
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Leadership Diary: Excel Software Company

The paper "Leadership Diary: Excel Software Company" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. This is a diary with my day to day personal instances with leadership. It is written from a practical point of view where I made close observation on how leadership functions are executed not only at Excel Software Company but also in other spheres of life.…
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Budgeting Development Processes

The paper "Budgeting Development Processes" is a worthy example of an assignment on management. A control-orientated budget usually looks at the expenses of a given program, as well as how budgeted resources are utilized by the manager. Such type of budget focuses on items purchased in the present fiscal year comprising of wages and salaries, supplies, fringe benefits, travel equipment as well as travel expenses.…
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Qualities Of Leaders

The paper "Qualities Of Leaders" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. A person to be said he or she is a great or bad leader there are qualities that each endorser. These qualities which describe both types of leaders are discussed below.…
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Event Planners and Managers

The paper "Event Planners and Managers" is a delightful example of an assignment on management. As an event planner for the wedding celebration consideration must be on factors such as evaluation, research, design, coordination, and planning of the wedding. The event plan must consider the couple's desires of having their wedding event held in Texas State.…
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Nike: Sweatshop Debate

The paper "Nike: Sweatshop Debate" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. Nike should not in anyway be held accountable for the working conditions in foreign factories that it does not own because of the following reasons.…
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