Distinguishing between Inferences and Assumption – Assignment Example

The paper "Distinguishing between Inferences and Assumption" is a good example of an assignment on social science. Critical thinking requires systematic thinking and analysis of various events and experiences in our lives. Hence, we established beliefs and conviction on every phenomenon and occurrenceoned from our own experiences and presuppose it as facts. Eventually, based from the assumptions and prior knowledge that we have, we are capable of making inferences on various things without realizing that we’re actually using our assumptions to create conclusion or inferences within our own encounter. Assumptions 1. Guys who have dreadlocks seemed to act accordingly with respect to their rock-star hairstyle and think that it would be cool to smoke marijuana and do pot session with their colleagues because they think that would make them cool and unique. The association of dreadlocks and marijuana is unjustifiable because there are people who prefer this hairstyle much better than the usual haircut because it could set them apart from other as some kind of representation of their personality, lifestyle or maybe fashion. 2. Men looked at themselves as jack-of-all-trades that they don’t even ask for some advice or suggestions on how to balance family life and career. Men, by nature, are egoistic and won’t go over to anyone to ask for some personal advice. 3. People who came from India are either Hindu or Islam followers. This assumption is incorrect because the couple who have just recently got in from India may be tourist or visitors in that country and not Hindu or Islam followers at all. 4. Animal trainers have flamboyantly executed all the proper training and techniques for animals that it eventually fulfilled the entertainment arena of various circus events. 5. African Americans retained what they assume to be the correct accent and grammar of the everyday language and don’t care at all whether they correctly construct and pronounce the English language or not. As long as they understand each other, that will be accepted regardless of the standard English grammar. Inferences I a. State prosecution acted biased in dealing with cases involving their fellow Americans against immigrants – simply put, racism surfaced even in the criminal justice system. b. The NYPD and DA manipulated the case by not probing for sufficient evidence and testimonies from alleged eyewitnesses involved in the case. II. a. God interfere in human lives and created events and light experiences for a human to enjoy his life, not taking it too seriously. b. God may have disguised himself as a human person to enlighten and inspire a person who’s in the midst of sufferings. III. a. The young Saudi woman appeared more pathetic and weak amidst of all the bad situation she has been into b. People tend to be unsympathetic and judgmental when one spoke of his predicament and difficulty in life and news media may have various interpretations of her situation which they will eventually be publicized and garnered different reactions and comments. IV. a. The teacher could have used the acronym to represent a certain thing or event, and she should know more than the kid does b. A kid is naturally curious about what is right from wrong – he’d rely upon what he thought to be right rather than be confused about someone else’s preaching V. a. President Obama seemed to be safe in his comfort zone in the White House, but when he looks outside, issues of terrorism and national security awaits him just outside of his zone. b. America shoulders all concerns and national issues of other foreign countries pertaining to national security, good relation, terrorism, and the economy.