Lionakis Beaumont Design Group – Assignment Example

The paper "Lionakis Beaumont Design Group" is a wonderful example of an assignment on architecture. Architecture not only stands to be an integral aspect of a place, but it also happens to be the work of human creation that undeniably imparts a special and often a peculiar character to a place and many a time ends up becoming a defining part of its history. The buildings of today become the monuments of tomorrow. In fact, sometimes it is not a place that gives recognition to a building, but rather the building that endows a place with an identity. Thus architects definitely play a central role in the history of a place. Lionakis Beaumont Design Group certainly enjoys a pivotal status in the architectural history of California since the last hundred years. Who can imagine the landscape of California without thinking about the landmarks like Kaiser Modesto Medical Campus, Sacramento Water Intake Structure, Alder Creek Middle School, the State Office Building at Butterfield Way for the Franchise Tax Board and many other such architectural marvels that not only bear the stamp of Lionakis Beaumont, but also enjoy the privilege of being formally acclaimed for their design. Over the last few decades, Lionakis Beaumont has played an exceptional role in shaping the architectural culture in California. Lionakis Beaumont not only commands an expertise in the design technology but is also known for its innovative approach towards technology and its reputation for quality. There is no denying the fact that Lionakis Beaumont Design Group has made an immense contribution to the community by the virtue of the projects undertaken by it.