Light Shining In Buckinghamshire – Assignment Example

The paper "Light Shining In Buckinghamshire" is a perfect example of an assignment on performing arts.
Watching the play at the theater changed my perception of the film characters and the dominant theme of change. Even though the book is an intelligent piece of art, the play gave me a first-hand experience of the contemporary issues in the society from a past perspective. In this, I was able to reflect on the past efforts of men and women who brought civilization to the England and the current progress especially in the political arena. The use of modern costumes also enhanced the relevance of the issues to the present events. Therefore, watching the play adds enables the viewers to combine the psychological insights and actions of the characters. In turn, the feeling improves and individuals knowledge and allows a detailed comprehension of the themes.
Based on the visualization and real experience at the theatre, it is evident that the ideas that guide the story are social challenges in England. The viewer’s go through a process in which they gain visual knowledge of the effects of political instability. Particular scenes, for example, Putney discussions help the viewers to visualize every citizen entitled rights and privileges. It also brings the knowledge of hindrances to economic stability, accountability, and sustainable development. The scenes also help viewers to picture the real consequences of civil wars to the development of a nation. Prior to watching the play, people tend to feel that it is based on past concerns. The general knowledge is that the past does not affect the present. Most people also argue that England is a civilized society (Churchill 40). However, watching the play changes the perception and helps citizens to appreciate the past and present. In addition, the play helps in identifying pertinent issues that can derail development and peaceful coexistence.
The decision to use a small cast crew of about 18 people to depict the issues of 40 communities is an achievement. Trystan Gravelle, Amanda, and Leo Bill provide a perfect mix of views. Therefore, the production offers a heartening idea of the appropriate society.