How Beautiful with Shoes – Assignment Example

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The paper "How Beautiful with Shoes" is a wonderful example of an assignment on English. The deception that is in the story “ How beautiful with shoes” lies with the crazed man who fell in love with Amarantha (Mare or Mary as she is known to the townspeople in the short story). The deception that is depicted in the story is that of how the crazed man sees Amarantha as beautiful. The opposite of this is alluded to by Steele in the story where he portrays Amarantha as a farm raised girl “ … milking was finished… her bare, barn soiled feet. ” This description may be used to infer as to the beauty or lack thereof of the lady.

This is supported by other descriptions that Steele is to later use. The crazed man though is seen to actually infer something different. The reader is also introduced to the increased praise that is bestowed on Amarantha for her beauty by the crazed man, which she does agree with. This point of view is taken from the fact that in the Steele’ s description of Amarantha there is no mention of the kind of beauty that the crazed man is seen to allude to except only for when it is in his eyes.

The man uses the songs of Solomon as a way in which to portray how he sees the beauty of Mare. Even his actions portray his belief in the belief that he has of what he says. The consequences of these actions are that it leads the man to act in a way that so few would. At the beginning of the story, he escapes arrest, after which he goes back to Amarnath's farm and kidnaps her.

This is even after their not so formal introduction. To which he could clearly discern that Amarantha was not charmed by his advances (Crane 307).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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