Cartoon Clich Update – Assignment Example

The paper "Cartoon Cliché Update" is a good example of an assignment on visual art. I saw your cartoon, “Cartoon Cliché Update,” in the issue dated September 29, 2009. I would like to commend you on your exemplary talent in drawing and humor. It was so hilarious to see the classic- “man stranded on an island” clinging, for his dear life, to the top of the coconut tree! - What a revival! At least, now, he has something different to complain about other than his misfortune of being stuck alone on an island. I am a facilitator in learning, teaching children in the elementary level. Like you, as a member of the media sector, it is our creed to present correct and up-to-date information. Your cartoon is slightly incorrect in showing that fossil fuels are the leading cause of global warming as represented by the increase in sea water levels. This issue is highly controversial and should not have been presented to the audience. It would have been better to present the core of the issue which is the increased carbon dioxide in the air; and, to encourage them to do their own research. They will find out that there are other factors that cause the increase in carbon dioxide: like ozone depletion (; deforestation (; and, even cow fart according to Rep. John Boehner ( The other reason why I do not agree to the use of fossil fuels as an example is because Mankind is now aggressively looking for alternative renewable sources of energy. To blame the scenario on the use of fossil fuels is “passé” since we are already decreasing its use. Let us support the endeavor of Mankind on this. I hope you understand my concern. I shall look forward to seeing a lot more of your “funny” and “enlightening” cartoons in the future. Sincerely. I identified my audience as “everybody”- encompassing all ages, even those in the high school level. To keep me focused and to help me reach a wider audience, I wrote the letter as if I was in one of my classes in school. Its language can be understood by Youth and at the same time the underlying references were for the older folks to decipher. I expect my audience to have a positive response to my argument. It was presented with facts that can be traced to their sources. It was persuasive and it encourages them to search the truth before making their own decision on the matter. I treated my audience, as well as Mr. Keefe, with respect as seen from the choice of words that I used. The tone was calm, merely presenting facts, and encouraging.