How to Solve the Problem of Illegal Immigration – Assignment Example

The paper "How to Solve the Problem of Illegal Immigration" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science. Enclosed please find my three-part proposal to put an end to illegal immigration. Illegal immigration drains the financial resources of the United States, not only through the loss of jobs to undocumented workers, but also through the allocation of college and school tuition assistance, medical assistance, and so on to illegal immigrants. These resources should be spent to support legal immigrants and the United State's citizens. The proposal also discusses human rights violations would-be immigrants suffer, as many illegal immigrants are abused and kept against their will. It has been stated by many that these illegal immigrant workers are the modern day slave, meaning that violations of their human rights continue as long as they remain undocumented in the United States. While my proposal may not put an end to illegal immigration, it will drastically decrease the number of illegal immigrants crossing our borders and taking American jobs and burdening our institutions. Briefly, the proposal outlines steps for 1) cracking down on employers which hire illegal immigrants and schools which accept them, and enforcing current and future laws; 2) stepping up border enforcement; and 3) working with the host country to improve current conditions, which will drastically if not almost completely eliminate illegal immigration. The problem of illegal immigration has been on our nation’s mind for some time, but it especially important to take steps to end illegal immigration now. With our economy in such a dire situation, we can no longer afford to support undocumented workers; we must use our limited resources to support legal immigrants and the United State's citizens. Thank you for your time and consideration of my proposal. I look forward to participating in the changes we so desperately need.
Tommy Seegers