Polis on Newspapers – Assignment Example

The paper "Polis on Newspapers" is a good example of an assignment on journalism and communication. This is regarding the cartoon quip with the caption "Polis on Newspapers" which came to my notice while reading your paper “The Denver Post.” The cartoon had depicted Jared Polis a congressman who had recently made a ridiculous statement that essentially spoke of the death of the Rocky Mountain News shown laid to rest depicting that it was something good that had happened. It seems like Polis got his foot stuck in his mouth when he said this because according to me any piece of writing cannot be considered to be accepted as credible or authentic without having reliable sources to back up any kind of writing, leave alone blogs. Therefore, I thought it best to bring this to your notice, since I am an ardent reader of your paper “The Denver Post,” so that it could prevent readers like me, getting the wrong impression of things. I would be much obliged if you could take a little care to see that such things do not occur in the future.