Leading Tampa Bay Health Indicator – Assignment Example

The paper "Leading Tampa Bay Health Indicator" is an exceptional example of an assignment on nursing.
According to the One Bay Report (2011), it was discovered that most Americans are living longer yet their healthy productive years are less than ten percent of their average life expectancy. It was also found that many individuals are dying young from both natural and unnatural causes and this is alarming to the overall nation’s health statistics. There is a need for communities to put measures in place and encourage the existence of healthy communities since this will eventually impact the nation’s overall health indicator. Communities that are bound to invest more health are likely to be attractive, opportunistic and best places to stay for present and future generations.
One Bay Report (2011) the Tampa Bay health standing mirrors the health of the whole nation in one way or another. Obesity and other related conditions are high and Tampa Bay statistics of healthy individuals by far exceed the USA rates of healthy people and target (One Bay Report, 2011). However, suicide was a leading cause of morbidity rate in Tampa Bat with the Age-Adjusted Death rate. According to One Bay Report (2011), in 2007, suicide was the leading ranked as the 11th leading cause of death in the United States. Tampa Bay had a record high of low mortality rates resulting from suicide and stillbirths. This is alarming because deaths resulting from such causes are preventable. One Bay Report (2011) also noted an increase in car accidents and pedestrians dying from car accidents. The records exceed the average nation’s statistics of individuals dying from causes not related to diseases.
Tampa Bay community needs to invest more in health facilities to prevent high infant mortality rates. Individuals dying form carnage and suicide should not happen. Measures need to be put in place to prevent the deaths that are preventable.