Field Trip Diary Day 1 – Assignment Example

The paper "Field Trip Diary – Day 1" is an excellent example of an assignment on human resources.
6.00 am - 7.00 am: Advised all group members on the necessary steps and procedures to be taken throughout the day.
7.05 am -3.00 pm: Led the group to the customer service department whereby we interacted with the various employees to find out how things run in that particular department, to find out how things run in that particular department, the issues and challenges they face and how they handle them as they arise. We moved on to the sales and marketing department to find out how the department manages to maintain high sales and first-class customer relations which boost the company profit and maintains a five-star image. We then moved on to the I.T department which actually maintains the company technological resources making sure that all connections with the customer are maintained to a high level. We talked to the I.T director who informed us about how he plans and manages the budget of the whole I.T department. He later introduced us to the network administrator, webmaster, telephone administrator just to mention a few. We then moved to the finance department who advised us on how they prepare the budget; manage the finance and company investments. They also touched on how they try preventing financial risks.
3.00 pm -5.00 pm: Discussed with the group on what each of us experienced throughout the day and what we learned and how we could apply them to our normal daily routines. The whole discussion and interaction with various heads of departments helped in making my career choice.

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