Leadership Diary: Excel Software Company – Assignment Example

The paper "Leadership Diary: Excel Software Company" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.
This is a diary with my day to day personal instances with leadership. It is written from a practical point of view where I made close observation on how leadership functions are executed not only at Excel Software Company but also in other spheres of life.
Day 1: It was amazing how the manager helped two employees resolve personal conflict. The conflicting co-workers were tactfully talked into working together again and maintaining healthy relationships at work.
Day 2: The manager together with the board of directors reviewed the performance of the company and discussed the future of the organization as well as the interests of the shareholders.
Day 3: Departmental head for the sales and marketing department called team managers for an impromptu meeting where the performance of each section was reviewed in line with organizations objectives and strategies.
Day 4: this is the day I dedicated to practicing leadership in my local town. I was appointed to head a community clean-up program. I used the opportunity to organize and coordinate activities and above all, I helped in collecting litter and emptying the litter bins.
Day 5: It was a holiday, so my siblings and I went visiting the game reserve and animal orphanages. I was amazed by how a pack of lions was led by one male whom I was told was the alpha thus he ensured that the cubs are protected and the pack gets water, food and other resources.
Day 6: My parents demonstrated leadership by punishing my little sister after she failed to complete her homework on time.
Day 7: My family and I attended a church seminar. The charismatic pastor used the opportunity to motivate and empower the congregation towards being doers and not watchers. By so doing he used his leadership skills to instill the need for morality and social justice into the congregation.
It was a great week observing how leadership shaped our societies and everything around us (Forsyth, 245).