Complexities of Making Ethical Decisions in Business – Assignment Example

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The paper "Complexities of Making Ethical Decisions in Business" is a delightful example of a business assignment. The trust that the public places in the business practices of corporations come as a result of the ethical practices and principles that they adhere to. Organizations will encounter special situations when dealing with employees, consumers, corporations, and communities. These situations may call for a subjective judgment call to make a decision when there are no clear-cut right and wrong answers. Understanding the complexities of making ethical decisions can be illustrated by examining two examples.

John, married and father of two, has been sent to a foreign country to take charge of a major construction project for the firm where he works. The firm has a general set of business principles, but no comprehensive set of rules. He learns that the only way he can get the permits for the project is by bribing the local officials. If he pays the bribe he risks being fired, which would place his wife and children at risk. If he doesn't he will lose the project, risk being fired, and have to lay off 100 employees.

In this case, the firm failed to adequately prepare John for his assignment. In addition, the firm failed to have an explicit set of ethical guidelines that could have guided his decision. Mary learns that the company where she works has been dumping its waste products in violation of the EPA requirements. Reluctant to report the company to the EPA and get them in trouble, she reports it to her boss. A week later, Mary is fired on a trumped-up charge of poor job performance.

The firm could have avoided this poor ethical decision by acting ethically and adhering to the law in the first place. Second, the firms' leadership should have provided an environment where employees are free to report problems or abuses without fear of reprisals.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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