Do Influence and Power Coexist – Assignment Example

The paper "Do Influence and Power Coexist" is a brilliant example of a management assignment. Influence and power can coexist though in limited capacities, at the same time. It is important that influence is exerted in a positive fashion because power is mostly employed in a very strict and authoritative tone. Influence and power coexist when there is a need to remain focused on the task at hand with a stern approach whilst being pragmatic right from the onset of things. Having power alone can mean that influence is a part and parcel of this power alone and thus power could be used in a variety of ways. It is important to ascertain the exact nature of power before it could be remarked as being somewhere close to the influencing regimes. Power is aristocratic and could lead to apprehensions on the part of the people upon which this power has been exercised. Thus it is significant to take note of the fact that power could mean so much more than just influencing at the end of the day. It is a completely different ideology as compared to influencing since the latter could have both positive as well as negative repercussions. (Beveridge, 1955) An example of using influence is the manner in which a peer advises an employee to come to office on time so that he could avoid trouble at the hands of the top management. However, in the case of top management exercising its control over the employee’s late arrival, this form of aggressiveness that is displayed by the organizational top heads is remarked as a power in entirety. 

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