Followers and Organizational Problem Solving – Assignment Example

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The paper "Followers and Organizational Problem Solving" is a brilliant example of a management assignment. Upward communication is generally a neglected sphere of research in the area of leadership in organizational behavior and functioning. Communication from senior managerial officers to non-managerial staff is mostly considered to be the cornerstone of successful running of an organization. This, however, is not a reality because history is replete with examples of the most powerful organizations and chief executives perishing completely when adopting this one-sided technique of communication from top to bottom only.

Leadership does not mean merely giving commands and rendering orders.   An effective line of authority and meaningful leadership evolve in an organization when there are multiple types of information channels – even going much beyond the ‘ two-way flow’ of information within an organization. There are at least seven ‘ models’ and six types of ‘ tactics and techniques’ . Apart from all these, there have to be informal and non-formal and natural processes of feedback from non-managerial staff to managerial executives necessary for healthy and efficient work ethos and conditions (ONeil, 2004, 127+). What, therefore, organizations require is the ‘ learning’ type of communication environment where there is not only upwards information flow but also critical upwards communication (CUC) and feedback system – both formal and informal.

There must also be a professional analysis unit for upwards and downwards communication in a ‘ learning’ perspective. All communication must be professionally weighed at all levels of an organization. If, for instance, an educational organization is devoid of this learning outlook, then neither teachers nor administration and students can ever be benefited. Multiple types of Upwards feedback is, indeed, a must for any organization.

Even one of the most powerful dictators like Adolph Hitler failed miserably, in the ultimate analysis, just because they did not bother to use this learning perspective of an organization while dealing with the problems of the State and politics. A relatively young organization like Microsoft is so successful for they use this ‘ learning’ module of communication in running their business affairs. Therefore, Lord Acton’ s phrase must always be kept in mind while running an organization. For him, “ Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” . Lack of proper feedback also disrupts absolutely.

Hence, for the sake of success, efficiency, healthy work conditions and the non-perishable existence of an organization, upwards influences and communication are necessary.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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