Monastic Tradition and Conviction – Assignment Example

The paper "Monastic Tradition and Conviction" is a good example of an assignment on religion and theology. Monks, in general, lead a reclusive way of life in the monastery that is appreciably far from the influences of the modern world. Basically, it is a kind of spiritual life that renounces attachment to the physical world believed to be the source of human sufferings due to the iniquities of men. Since monks chiefly adhere to spiritual living as cenobites in love of service and pure worship of God, their selfless approach includes assiduous praying and deep meditations which may take long hours in the attempt to purge any remaining impurities as derived from the old character. Confinement to monastic tradition and conviction with the religious philosophies in order to achieve the desired enlightenment require a conscientious habit. With ascetic fellows who share a community of service to God and extreme discipline on spiritual, intellectual, and corporeal aspects of living, the monks are further encouraged to keep their practice and find a more sensible meaning to the value of solitary deeds. According to Benedict, it is through proceeding with the monastery with patience that one may become a partaker in Christ’s passion. For despite the hardships endured to accomplish his ultimate task toward salvation, Christ himself managed with the means to live under meager conditions of shelter, food, and clothing. Following a scriptural principle for Benedict, the mastery of oneself in opting for the narrow entrance is the only path to holiness. He believed that in the manner by which a man deprives himself of excesses in basic necessities, it becomes possible to acquire a divine state leading to a marvelous fate in God’s Kingdom.