The Basal Metabolic Rate – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Basal Metabolic Rate" is an excellent example of an assignment on biology. The human body can be considered to be a very efficient machine. Its function is to breakdown food, absorb the nutrients and delivers the nutrients so as to provide energy to all the other body cells. The amount of energy needed by the body is determined by the metabolic rate which is measured in calories required per day. The basal metabolic rate The energy used by the body when at rest known as Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) takes the largest portion of the metabolic rates.

The BMR of an individual is the number of calories required by their body so as to be able to perform basic functions like breathing, maintaining the normal heartbeat and maintenance of the body tissues (ShapeFit, LLC, 2010). The genetic composition of an individual is may bring about variation in the rate of metabolic rate but muscle mass is a more important determinant factor in the determination of BMI. In comparison to the fat muscle is more active and individuals with a higher percentage of the muscle will have a higher BMR as more energy is required in the maintenance of these tissues.

Physiologically men have higher muscles and lower fats in comparison to women and these results into men having higher BMRs than women. When a person advances in age they lose muscle a fact which makes it difficult to maintain a specified weight as one gets older. Age also brings about reduction in body energy needs as muscle mass is lost and this means that it is not possible to consume the same amount one used to without gaining weight.

The metabolism can be reduced up to 30% as a result of consuming less than the required calories (My Pyramid. gov, 2010). Active metabolism rate Apart from the energy need for the basic activities of the body, there is a need for physical activities done throughout the day like showering, walking, taking notes and exercising. The energy Requirement at this level is referred to as an active metabolic rate (AMR). The body also requires energy for food digestion. It is approximated that for every 100 calories consumed 10 calories is used in breaking down the food into a useful body form. Weight management and change The basic principle of losing weight is to burn more calories than what is eaten.

Very many people fail because they take very drastic steps in their attempt to reduce their weight including diets, use of fitness gadgets and use of pills all of which promising instant results. The desired results may be achieved but once the diets and the other measures are stopped the result is a quick regain of weight. The most reliable weight loss solution is for one to make small but lasting changes (National Weight Control Registry, 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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