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Portfolio exercise 1 (500 words)Write a synopsis of the central research problem you intend to address in your thesis. Discuss a) why this problem was chosen; b) why it is a problem suitable for research at doctoral level; what you hope will be the distinctive and original contribution made by the research. Using the materials as a rough, not exact, guideline, sketch out a timetable for your research thesis. Please note, you can include many more than the fifteen steps listed above. Identify those stages that your feel will prove hardest to undertake and/or where you need to develop your skills as a researcher.

AnswerKnowledge management, in its simplest definition, seeks to formulate the superlative use of knowledge obtainable to an organisation and in so doing generating new knowledge that will ensure the survival and competence of an organisation in a constantly evolving environment. The purpose of this study is to identify and define knowledge management and its functioning and application of theoretical concepts to real-world situations, designs and tools, and its influence on an organisation, with specific reference to Greece. Knowledge management represents an organisational process that seeks to coalesce data and information to increase the imaginative capacity of its employees.

In order to accomplish this aim the study will be conducted on a cross-section of five industries prevalent in Greece such as airline industry, call centres, IT firms, consulting firms and the banking industry. Apostolou and Mentzas (1999) characterised that companies in Greece feel an urgent need to efficiently utilising their knowledge base, not just for competitive advantage but this desire is intensified by their aim to provide high quality services to their customers.

The research draws its inspiration from the popular view that employees are an organisation’s most valued asset as quality, quantity of work output is directly related to personnel potential and commitment, and that better knowledge management in an organisation will ultimately lead to competence and predominance of the organisation. Predominance being the ultimate goal, ultimately benefits the Greek organisations by advocating effective implementation of knowledge management designs and tools, by helping to identify knowledge and methods of gaining knowledge, expertise and intellectual capital, a range of processes and practices and assets for transfer and reprocess information across the organisation.

Since the initiation and improvement of technology, further facilitating technologies have come forth, with which the scope for research and potential growth of knowledge management practices has increased manifold providing organisations with platforms by which the realisation of their goals is thus multiplied greatly. The results of knowledge management programs will therefore vary from organisation to organisation depending on the objectives outlining the specified targets to be attained, overall performance, and competitive advantage of the organisation. In order to complete an efficient study of the project, the research will comprise of the following stages; a detailed literary search, anthology of a bibliography, drafting the literary review, designing the research instrument, revising, planning and organising the research, making a glossary of the bibliography, scheduling, conducting a research, collating and analysing the data generated by different agencies on a regular basis, writing the results and analysis, writing the full draft, proofreading and final submission of the research.

The most time consuming of these stages will include the collecting of data that will require time, finances and researchers and other professionals including field level workers, writing up the results and analysis after a the data has been channelised to the resource centre detailed review of the data collected and of course drafting the literature review.

Providing an accurate list of citations and annotations for the research in itself will be a lengthy and time-consuming procedure.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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